Event Photos and Video


CFVF Christmas Party 2017 & CD recording – Click here

CD recording pictures – Click here

Kilby Playout Sept3, 2017 – Click here

Cfvf Christmas Party 2016 – Click here

Vivienne link to her photos and videos – Click here

Trade Christmas show 2016 – Click here

Stewart Farm Sept 2016 – Click here

Merritt Fiddle club – Harmon Lake photo’s May 2016 – Click here

Merritt Fiddle Club – Harmon Lake Photo’s May 2013 – Click here

Baptist Church, Surrey May 2016 – Click here

2015 Christmas Party photo – Click here

Five Maples Nursery playout – May 2, 2015  click here

Bethshan Gardens playout  – View photo  Click Here

Aldergrove Dance photo – Veiw photo  Click Here

Flash mob Dec 13, 2014  – View event photo’s   Click Here

Christmas Party 2014  –  View event photo’s    Click here

2014 Fleet care Home – View event photo’s     click here

2014 Fiddle Contest – View event photo’s        Click here

Play out’s 2013

Mill Lake Jam at Kariton House with the Abbotsford Art Gallery photo’s.      Click here

St. Anne’s Church       Click here

Historic Stewart Farm, South Surrey, BC       Click Here

Lynnwood retirement home, Chilliwack, BC    Click here

Thank you Chris, our Photographer who took 344 pictures and several video clips of our events. You volunteered your

time and your expertise to help preserve this occasion. Thank you, from all of us!

Photo section 

Fiddle Camp photo’s Mar 16, 2013   Click here

Fiddlerama photo’s Mar 16, 2013     Click here

Video section

Aldergrove dance – Video clip of Junior members “Kids Club” playing “Joys of Quebec” at Aldergrove dance May 14, 2016 Click Here

Aldergrove Dance – Video clip of Junior members “Kids Club” playing “Log Drivers Waltz” at Aldergrove dance on May 14, 2016 Click Here

Aldergrove Dance  – Video clip from Nov. 30, 2013 playing “Prairie Winter Blues”. Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers – Aldergrove dance clip

Aldergrove Dance – Video clip from Feb28, 2015 Playing ” Spanish Waltz”  Click here

Opening video clip from Fiddlerama 2013       Click here

Closing video clip from Fiddlerama 2013        click here

Thanks to our guest performers for letting us post these  video clips

Mike Sanyshyn   opening   Click here

Patti Lamoureux opening   Click here

Karrnnel Sawitsky opening Click here

MIke Sanyshyn, Patti Lamoureux and Karrnnel Swaitsky performing together for their close.   Click here

Special guest Jack Ethier singing “We’ll Meet Again”     Click here